Visual Archive User Agreement

Thank you for visiting the Coal in Turkey website. The use of photos and videos in the photo archive of our website is subject to special conditions. Please read these conditions carefully.

This agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is an official agreement between you, the user of the photos (hereinafter “User”) and the Ekosfer Association (hereinafter “Ekosfer”), showing that the following terms and conditions have been agreed upon. By using the photos, you accept these terms and conditions.

Description of the project: Ekosfer keeps a photo and video archive at a websites. This archive was created with the voluntary contributions of photography and video artists and is available to non-governmental organizations and the media, provided that it is not used for commercial purposes. The terms of use are specified in the articles of this agreement.

Terms and conditions: 1. The photos at and are available free of charge for non-commercial use only. 2. The photos on the website can be used by media outlets by specifying the name of the photographer[ÖG1]. [ They can also be used on social media accounts and printed publications of non-governmental organizations by mentioning the source, if possible. 3. The intellectual property rights of the photos on our website belong to the owners of the photos. Photographers may withdraw the photos, which were donated to our website on a voluntary basis, at any time. From the moment of their withdrawal, the photos will be removed from the website, but no retrospective action will be taken on previous uses. 4. Under no circumstances can the photos be used as part of a campaign to defame an environmental organization. 5. Any other agreement between the parties must be made in writing. 6. In the event of dispute, İstanbul (Central) courts shall be authorized.

Enforcement and Termination: This Agreement shall take effect as soon as the User starts using the photos available at and and shall remain in force as long as the photos are in use.